We have released an internal architectural change that increases throughput and efficiency for EVM operations, including payments and batch minting of NFTs. This update is applied to all projects automatically, but it affects the addresses that Crossmint will be sending transactions from. More details given below


  • USDC Payments: Transitioned to single transaction processing for increased security, reliability, and speed in handling USDC payments.
  • Treasury Key Rotations: Simplified operational process with automated permission granting, reducing the time and resources required for key rotations.
  • Batch Minting Setup: Implemented setup for batch minting to save on gas fees and increase throughput for NFT minting operations.
  • Supported Chains: Expanded deployment to multiple Mainnet and Testnet environments across various EVM chains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and others.

🚧 Action required:

If you had hardcoded a treasury address on your smart contract before, you are required to change it before 15th November, 2023. Please contact sales for support with migration!

Enhanced USDC Payments:

  • Transitioned to a single transaction, reducing failure points.

Streamlined Treasury Key Rotations:

  • If our team decides to rotate the treasury keys for various reasons, developers do not need to worry about rotating their keys which simplifies the process reducing operational burden.

Batch Minting Setup:

  • Under heavy network traffic and congestion, expected to save up to 30% on gas fees for same collection mints and 60% for mints to the same recipient. Augmented the maximum throughput for minting operations.

Supported Chains:

  • Now deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, Zora, and BSC across various mainnet and testnet environments.