Starting January 12, 2024, three event identifiers on the Webhook Payload (“type”) property will be renamed. Please take the required actions stated below to prevent downtime on your applications.

As Crossmint is expanding its API suite, the number of scopes and events are increasing drastically. In doing so, some inconsistencies that complicate the developer experience were introduced.

This change brings back consistency to improve the developer experience.

Breaking Changes

On the Webhook Payload, the following event identifiers (“type”) property will be renamed:

  • collection:creation.succeeded will be renamed to collections.create.succeeded
  • mint.succeeded will be renamed to nfts.create.succeeded
  • mint:update.succeeded will be renamed to nfts.update.succeeded

Requested Changes

Kindly modify your code accordingly so that it treats both event type names (old and new), as the same payload.

Refer to the example below.

  if (webhook.type === “collection:creation.succeeded”) {

The payload of each event will require similar modifications as well. Adjust your code’s logic to read different fields of the payload.

To see how the new payload is structured, refer to the Mint API Webhooks docs.

Kindly make the necessary changes to your codebase to reflect this change. Failure to implement these updates may result in the inability to accurately track the status of your NFTs.