Marketplaces and launchpads

Add fiat and cross-chain payments to your marketplace or launchpad


Integrating fiat and cross-chain payments into a marketplace is as simple as for a drop and usually takes just a few minutes. The only difference is that we must whitelist your account. To get started or if you have a custom contract not featured in the list, simply reach out to us.

We currently support a wide range of contracts across chains, including:

EVM: Ethereum, Polygon, BNBSeaport, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Zora, 0x, Foundation, CoinbaseNFT, Rarible, Sudoswap, Manifold Gallery, Reservoir
SolanaAuction House, Magic Eden API, Hyperspace,, formfunction
CardanoTo be announced

The payments SDK for marketplaces has the following structure. Bear in mind that the clientID will be provided by us and can't be obtained from the developer console.

    mintConfig='{"contractAddress":"0x123", "tokenId":123}'


If you are a launchpad or platform that hosts NFT sales from other creators, you can do a single integration which will allow all your sellers to choose to use Crossmint, without having to require any manual action from your end.

To integrate, reach out to sales and we'll assign an account manager which will guide you through the process.