Crossmint x WalletConnect

facilitate a secure connection between Crossmint's custodial wallets and hundreds of dApps, bridging you to DeFi, NFTs, and so much more.

Video Instruction

Start testing with Decentraland by following these steps

1. Go to and choose “Play using your wallet”
2. Click “Continue with wallet”.


Choose "Continue with wallet"

3. Choose “WalletConnect”.


Choose "WalletConnect"

4. Navigate to “Desktop” tab and search for Crossmint symbol.
5. Once clicked, a new window is opened and prompts you to login with Crossmint’s authentication


Choose "Crossmint"


Enter your email address or choose your preferred login method


Copy the temporary login code sent to your email address


Paste the code

6. If you successfully log into your Crossmint’ account, a pop up window will appear prompting you to approve or decline a connection session between Crossmint’s wallet and the dApp.
7. If approved, a connection is established.


Approve or Reject connection proposal from dApp

8. A personal_sign request is sent from dApp, for example, “Decentraland” wants you to sign a message, this app would like to view your wallets, etc…, you can either accept or reject the request.
Click here to learn more about personal_sign method


Approve or Reject signing request from dApp

10. If accepted to sign the message, you will be logged into the dApp.


You're now logged in! Start exploring any decentralized application with your connected Crossmint's wallet