Crossmint offers a whitelabel embedded wallet, trusted by thousands of enterprises and developers like Mastercard and Red Bull, and a wallet accessible from and which the user’s embedded wallets.

With this product you can add web3 capabilities into your website or app instantly, creating wallets for existing users via API, and for new ones upon sign-up. You can also build quick plug-and-play activations requiring no frontend work.

You can get all the infrastructure you need to get started in minutes, with enterprise-grade reliability and support, abstracting away RPCs, indexers, bundlers, paymasters, and any other blockchain infrastructure.

Key Characteristics

Best-in-class security and compliance

Leverage the same MPC infrastructure powering financial institutions storing billions of dollars of assets.

Make the blockchain invisible

No gas, pop-ups, passphrases, or other friction.

Flexible custody

Select the mode that works best for you: non-custodial (AA) or custodial.


Connect the wallets to third-party sites with Wallet Connect or Crossmint Connect.

Get started in 5 minutes

Launch today.


All the blockchain tools you need, in one reliable toolkit.


Built for scale. Enterprise support and SLAs available.

How Does it Work?

Crossmint allows you to generate wallets scoped to your application and will provide all the adjacent blockchain infrastructure required to build end-to-end use cases: fetching content, signing transactions, transfering assets, etc. You can embed these wallets into your site via headless APIs or leveraging pre-made UI components.

Optionally, you can allow users to also see their assets from, together with their assets from other applications and chains. Or you can simply leverage’s wallet for now, if you’re looking to get started quickly, and launch embedded later.

Users can connect their wallets to third-party websites using Wallet Connect or Crossmint Connect, and sign transactions and messages. Connecting the wallet will prompt them to select which of their embedded wallets they want to use.

Crossmint’s wallets are designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the product suite, allowing you to generate wallets on-the-fly during a checkout or when airdropping NFTs into emails.


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