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It takes months to build secure and reliable minting infrastructure

To start, you must write secure smart contracts, build a backend for orchestrating all blockchain transactions, and do so while securely administering your keys and crypto.

Then your project takes off and you start feeling the pains of scaling. Time to add queueing, batching, RPC redundancy, priority/gas fee estimations, e2e observability…

Now you want to reach more users, but requiring a wallet leaves 99% of people out. So you spend weeks creating complex onboarding flows for users who don’t have one.

Crossmint manages all of this for you in an easy to use API

Crossmint offers a suite of APIs to create, update, delete and manage tokens, all accessible via REST APIs and a no-code dashboard, and available across all major chains.

You can mint your first NFT in under 5 minutes, and have the same code scale to millions of NFTs, without having to worry about smart contracts, key security, or the hassles of scaling.

You are in good company

Crossmint is the enterprise standard for tokenization, trusted by thousands of developers, from web3 native like Phantom or Solana Labs, to enterprises like Asus, Mastercard, or Diageo.

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How Does it Work?

This product offers a suite of APIs and no-code tools for minting, airdropping, editing, and burning NFTs, semifungible tokens, and identity primitives.

When you create an account, Crossmint will automatically do the following for you:

  • Create a dedicated MPC vault to secure your collections, which you can manage via API. You get one vault per , in case you are working with multiple teams. You can of the contracts to an external wallet at any time.
  • Create a gas station to manage network fees on your behalf. You will be billed in fiat and Crossmint will ensure you never run out of funds to support customer operations. This eliminates the need to build a cryptoaccounting system, execute recurring and expensive crypto purchases, holding the FX risk, and automating treasury operations.

With that core infrastructure in place, now you can, in 5 minutes:

  • Deploy secure NFT collections on the blockchain of your choice.
  • Mint and send NFTs to your customer’s wallets or , scaling up to millions per hour. One single API call will validate and upload the to , mint the NFT, deliver it, and create a wallet, if needed.
  • Allow users to purchase or claim your NFTs from your website or using Crossmint’s no-code customizable storefronts and claim pages.
  • Dynamically update NFTs over time.
  • Build automated workflows for minting and editing NFTs with more than 5,000 apps using Zapier.
All tools are available via REST APIs and no-code from Crossmint’s console.

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