No-Code NFT Claims Page

Generate your own custom claims page so that users can claim your airdrop for free!


Want to offer your users a website to claim an NFT from your collection, without having to make the website yourself?

Crossmint now offers a no-code NFT claims page. In no time you can build your own custom website to allow your customers to claim your NFTs for free, with a seamless user experience.


  • Custom branding
  • Users can claim with an existing wallet or with just an email address
  • Gasless - users never pay any gas fees
  • Built-in bot protection
  • Password protection (more claim types coming soon)
  • Blockchains: Polygon and Solana (more coming soon)
  • Mobile optimized
  • Share pages via a link or QR code


This is available in both staging and mainnet


To complete this guide you'll need a few things ready to go first. Please complete these steps first if you haven't done so already.

  • Create a Crossmint developer account
  • Register your smart contract to get projectId and collectionId
  • If you don't have a smart contract to work with, you can easily create one in our developer console by following this guide: Create an NFT collection

Integration Steps

Developer Console

Crossmint offers a wide range of configuration options for your no-code NFT claims page. You can set up a claims page from the “Claims” tab. If you don’t see this tab, the claims page is not active for you yet. Please contact sales.

Set a password as a "condition to claim"

Conditions to claim are requirements your users on your claims page will have to pass in order to claim an NFT from your collection.

Crossmint currently supports either no conditions to claim (anyone can claim an NFT from your page), or setting a password that will be required when claiming an NFT.

More conditions to claim coming soon…!

Customize your page branding

Click on the Branding tab and start customizing your claims page! You can change the theme, for both light and dark modes, and more to truly make your claims page yours.

Share with your users

Once the website is ready, you can send it to your users in two ways:

  1. Copy the page URL inside the main Claims tab
  2. Download and print / display the QR code found to the link. QR codes are especially helpful if you are trying to give away NFTs at an event or a physical space.

Claims Page

After setting up the claim page from the developer console, a page like below will be created.

You can see the various configuration and claiming options in the example below:

  • There’s a 7 NFT supply limit (from the total collection supply limit), and the claims page will show to the user how many NFTs are left to claim (updated live as NFTs are claimed)
  • All collection details are available so your users know exactly what NFT they are claiming.
  • When a user claims an NFT, we’ll randomly mint an unclaimed NFT from your collection and deliver it to the user (either through email by creating them a Crossmint wallet, or an existing wallet).
  • You can see this page required the password as a condition to claim, so users are required to enter the correct password before claiming an NFT. As mentioned before, this can be disabled from the console so no password would be required.
  • The branding has been customized to a green palette + dark theme.