Enabling certain Crossmint products requires a and collection review:

MintingNo review required
WalletsNo review required
NFT Fiat CheckoutQuick seller KYC & Collection Review (only for primary sales. Not required for marketplaces)
NFT Crypto CheckoutCollection Review required. No KYC required.
Claims PageQuick seller KYC & Collection Review

Reviews are only required in production. Staging does not require account or collection review for any product. Please note that each distinct project you create via the Crossmint Console will require a separate review.

Confirm that your collection is submitted for verification with all of the relevant project details to ensure timely review. If your collection is still early in development, please refer to our staging environment for all testing.

Reviews can take up to 3 business days. For faster reviews, consider upgrading to the Pro subscription plan, where reviews are expedited under 24hrs. Upgrade from the billing tab of the console.

Account Verification

To enable credit card payments on primaries or set up a hosted claims page, sellers are required to complete a .

You only have to verify a project once, and can create as many collections as you wish within that project. New projects require additional verification.

Cross-chain payments do not require account verification. Sellers on marketplaces are also not required to KYC.