Crossmint pay with crypto payments hero image

How Does it Work?

Just as you can accept payments for your NFTs with a credit card checkout, you can also allow buyers to pay with mainnet ETH or SOL in their crypto wallet. This works across chains, for example, a user can pay with ethereum ETH for an Arbitrum Nova drop, or with SOL for a Sui marketplace.

Your buyer pays Crossmint with:

  • Credit card / debit card OR
  • ETH in their Ethereum wallet OR
  • SOL in their Solana wallet

Crossmint pays your contract in: Native currency OR USDC

After your buyer completes the purchase from their crypto wallet, Crossmint will mint the NFT and place it in a Crossmint wallet on the same network for them.

Imagine the following scenario to understand how this works:


Your NFT project is on the Polygon network


Buyer arrives on your minting site and clicks `Pay with SOL` button


They connect their wallet containing the SOL to pay with


After approving the transaction, payment is sent to Crossmint


Crossmint mints the Polygon NFT to a unique Polygon wallet for the user



Enabling Pay with Crypto Payments

The process is slightly different depending on whether you’re using the pay button or embedded checkout tool. This option is enabled automatically in the No Code Storefront. Choose an option below for more details on implementing this feature.