The <CrossmintPayButton> component offers two optional properties which can be used to redirect users to a website after a purchase:

  • successCallbackURL redirects users to a given url after a successful transaction.
  • failureCallbackURL redirects users to a given url after a failed transaction.

Whitelisting Domains

For security reasons, you must whitelist the URLs from the Domains tab on the console (staging, production).

Whitelisted domains must be https. This means you will not be able to whitelist localhost since it’s http


The redirect URL will contain a query parameter with format ?p=payload which contains an object with information about the outcome of the transaction.

The exact structure of the payload can vary depending on the specific implementation and the transaction details, but generally includes the following parameters:

  • type: Payload type (purchase.succeeded).
  • status: Transaction status ("success").
  • walletAddress: Address to which the minting is done.
  • passThroughArgs: Additional arguments passed through the transaction.
  • clientId: The client identifier.
  • collectionId: The collection identifier, usually the same as clientId.
  • txId: The transaction identifier.
  • orderId: The order identifier associated with the transaction.