Creating verifiable credentials involves several steps and can take a while to complete. You have two options to check the status of the creation process:

  1. Periodically poll the retrieval endpoint or the status API until the process is complete.
  2. Use the webhook feature to receive an update once the credential has been created.

Setting Up a Webhook

First you need to setup a webhook in the developer console.

The events you need to monitor are:

  • credential:creation.succeeded Will be emitted when the credential creation process is complete. Will contain the issued credential in the data.credential field. There will be also a data.retrievalId field returned. This id is the one used to retrieve the credential from the selected storage provider. In case of encrypted credentials collection, the credential will be encrypted.

  • credential:creation.failed Will be emitted when the credential creation process fails. Will contain the error in the data.error field.

NOTE: In case of delegated storage the webhook will be the only way to retrieve the credential, after sending the webhook all the data will be deleted from our system/