Announcing Branded Checkout v2 - 30th Nov, 2023

Starting 1st December, 2023, all projects created on Crossmint will use the new modular checkout product, i.e., Branded Checkout v2.

Pay with crypto is now available on Embedded Checkout - 22nd Nov, 2023

Crossmint's Embedded Checkout now supports cross-chain crypto payments in addition to the Pay with Credit Card option.

Deprecating Support for Arbitrum on the Staging Developer Console - 15th Nov, 2023

Starting 18th November 2023, Crossmint will no longer support Arbitrum (Arbitrum Goerli) on its Staging Developer Console.

Contract creation is now self-serve for Optimism - 7th Nov, 2023

The support for contract creation via Collections on Developer Console is now updated. You can now create a contract on Optimism from the Collections page on Crossmint's Developer Console.

Minting API is now self-serve for four more EVM chains - 31st Oct, 2023

Support for Crossmint's minting API has now been updated. The minting API is now self-serve for the following EVM chains:

Support for on Crossmint - 28th Oct, 2023

Crossmint now supports contracts on the developer console. You can now login to Crossmint's developer console, and import a Highlight contract and setup credit card and cross-chain payments for your NFT Collection.

Treasury Contract Upgrade - 14th Oct, 2023

We have released an internal architectural change that increases throughput and efficiency for EVM operations, including payments and batch minting of NFTs. This update is applied to all projects automatically, but it affects the addresses that Crossmint will be sending transactions from. More details given below