Languages & Fiat Currencies

With Crossmint, you can customize the language and fiat currency that your customers will see. We will be adding more languages and currencies in the future, but we currently support English or Spanish, and USD or EUR.


SDK Version 0.2.6-alpha.3 or later is required

Be sure to use SDK version 0.2.6-alpha.3 or later to use these variables.


No Action, No Problem

If no variables are set, the end-user's browser settings will be used (if they can be detected). In the case they aren't detected, English and USD will be used as default.

Alllocaleen-US, es-ESLanguage in which the payment flow will be displayed
fiatcurrencyUSD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, HKDCurrency in which the credit card payment flow will be displayed

Language Example

// React
<CrossmintPayButton clientId="xxxx" locale="es-ES" />

// Vainilla JS
<crossmint-pay-button clientId="xxxx" locale="es-ES" />

Displaying the Continue button in Spanish.

Currency Example

// React
<CrossmintPayButton clientId="xxxx" currency="EUR" />

// Vainilla JS
<crossmint-pay-button clientId="xxxx" currency="EUR" />


Denoting prices in Euro.