Signing and token-gating

Allow Crossmint users to easily sign-in to your application

Sign in with Crossmint

There are two options: our own proprietary SDK (which offers a better UX with less steps) and Wallet Connect.

Using Crossmint Connect

Crossmint Connect is a focused, simple user experience for Crossmint wallet holders to sign in to applications. See demonstration video on the user experience for Crossmint Connect.

Read our guide on how to install Crossmint Connect here and download the SDK from Github here.

Using WalletConnect

If you’ve integrated WalletConnect in your application, Crossmint is a default option to sign in with your users. Crossmint wallets are compatible with both WalletConnect v1 and v2. See demonstration video on the user experience for WalletConnect.

Note that WalletConnect will only works for wallets created:
- Via Crossmint Connect
- Via partial white-label APIs
- If the user purchased an NFT via Crossmint’s credit card checkout
- If the user received an NFT minted to an email address using Crossmint’s minting API


There are several approaches to tokengating with Crossmint wallets:

  • Require your users to sign message to authenticate that a user holds relevant NFT via Crossmint Connect or WalletConnect
  • Use Crossmint’s fetch wallet contents APIs for partial or full white label wallets, once you’ve authenticated the users on your end

Crossmint is also integrated into major tokengating applications (e.g., TokenProof, EthPass). Working with a different tokengating provider? Reach out to us to discuss how we can help integrate Crossmint into your solution for tokengating.