2.i. Sell Through a No-Code Storefront

You already have an NFT smart contract, but need a website for users to purchase your NFTs. Crossmint automatically deploys hosted storefronts that are mobile-first, support any payment method (crypto and fiat), and work for users that don't own wallets-- no coding required.

🤝 Requirements:

Whilst most creators choose to sell their NFTs on their own website or in a launchpad, there are times when that complexity isn't needed. No-code storefronts enable you to test things out quickly and get your collection out to your customers faster.

With Crossmint, you can get a website like this and customize it to your own branding in just a few minutes, without touching a line of code. All you need is:

  • An NFT collection already deployed
  • The collection registered on the Crossmint developer console

If your contract is compatible, you will see a No-code Storefront tab on the Payments section of your collection, in the console. If you do not see this tab, then your configuration is not eligible. Contact Crossmint to get it fixed up for you.

Supported contracts:

1) EVM: ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts that accept a recipient argument and optionally a quantity argument. The following mint functions signatures are examples:

  • function mint(address _to)
  • function mint(address _to, uint256 _quantity)

For thirdweb drops, you need to set up Claim Conditions from the thirdweb dashboard.

Here's an example of a supported EVM contract.

2) Solana: Candy Machine v1, v2, and v3


Candy Machine price

We automatically retrieve your Candy Machine's price for you

✨ Get started!

Once you have deployed the smart contract and registered it on the console, you must:

1️⃣ Set up the Storefront

Go to your collection, click on Payments, and on the No-code storefront tab. Turn the toggle on and select your preferred payment options (crypto and/or fiat) and price. The price is only needed for EVM collections.

2️⃣ Customize the style and branding

Now that you've set up your Storefront, a new Branding tab should have appeared on the left menu. Click on it and start customizing your page! You can change the theme, for both light and dark modes, and also edit collection metadata from the Collection details page.

If you need more advanced customization, we recommend that you try one of the many launchpads that have integrated Crossmint into their payment flow.

3️⃣ Share with your customers

Once the website is ready, you can send it to your customers in two ways:

  1. Copy the page URL inside the main No-code storefront tab.
  2. Download and print / display the QR code found to the link. QR codes are especially helpful if you are trying to sell NFTs at an event or a physical space. The storefront has been optimized to load fast on mobile, and supports convenient mobile payment methods like Apple and Google Pay.