• <QUICKNODE_URL>: Set to your own quicknode RPC URL
  • <collectionId>: The name of the collection you minted against. If you haven’t created a collection you can just use “default” to mint to the default collection for your project
  • <nftId>: The UUID or idempotent name for the NFT returned in during mint
curl -i '<QUICKNODE_URL>' -X POST -H 'content-type: application/json' --data-binary '{
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "cm_getNFTMintStatus",
    "params": [


0collectionIdstringthe id or name of the collection; every project has a “default-solana” collection. Otherwise, use the createCollection RPC endpoint to create a new collection.
1nftIdstringthe id or idempotent name for the NFT


    id: "b6cb7427-f931-45f9-a7f7-90883c90fb83",
    metadata: {
        name: "My NFT",
        symbol: "",
        image: "",
        description: "An NFT commemorating a special day",
    onChain: {
        status: "success",
        mintHash: "a57poVrRxXCNKHuZNCTKJBSGEfmpGrzuYrC2JXu35Fz",
        owner: "HQSt9cpZNPdbGLyF6uH63bFJoaXi6ca3cxngM9j1Tbhj",
        chain: "solana",