Common Errors

Error MessageResolution
Not Enough Credits- Production: You’ve run out of api credits. Visit the billing page in our developer console to purchase more.

- Staging: You’ve run out of API credits on staging. Reach out to with the subject “More Staging API Credits” to receive a top up.
Infinite loading on checkoutCheck your chrome developer console to view the error. If the error is unclear, consider asking on Stack Overflow using the tag ‘crossmint’.
ERC20 transfer amount doesn’t match totalPriceEnsure that the price you’re passing in the totalPrice attribute of the mintConfig matches what you have set in the smart contract. Note that the totalPrice attribute expects its value to be in full units. For example if the price in the contract should be 1 USDC, then you pass “1” here. In the contract the price will be set as 1_000_000 since USDC is a 6 decimal currency.