Translate the checkout to the user’s language and allow them to pay on their local currency.

The default checkout is on English and USD. Crossmint will automatically detect the location of the buyer and adjust language and currency accordingly, unless otherwise specified by you.

Currencies and Languages Available

VariablePossible ValuesDescription
localeen-US de-DE es-ES fr-FR it-IT ja-JP ko-KR pt-PT ru-RU th-TH tr-TR uk-UA vi-VN zh-CN zh-TW KlingonLanguage displayed to the user
currencyUSD AUD EUR GBP HKD INR JPY KRW SGD VNDFiat currency displayed to the user

How to Adjust the Currency and Language

To adjust the currency and language, set the locale and currency props of the CrossmintPayButton, as shown in the example below:

// your mint config args