This endpoint provides convenient access to current FX rates between various FIAT and crypto currency pairs. Use this endpoint to ensure your local price calculations align with Crossmint’s system.

Endpoint: /api/v1-alpha1/quote?nativePrice={nativePrice}&quoteCurrency=usd

This endpoint will get you a live price based on the current market value.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the nativePrice parameter, what exactly do I specify?

For the nativePrice parameter, you should specify the amount in the currency in which the NFT is listed.

For example: if your NFT is listed on the Solana network, you will want to set the nativePrice argument to the amount in SOL not Lamports.

How does it know what chain to get the price from?

The chain is determined based on the x-client-id header in the request, which is linked to your collection.

Can I set the quoteCurrency parameter to something other than USD?

Currently we only support getting the price in USD but we are expanding this to other currencies.