Token-gate any website, app, or physical event. Users can also issue mobile phone QR codes for Apple and Android for token-gating IRL events.

Connecting the wallet

The main two options are:

Crossmint Connect

Offers the best user experience and performance. Test it live here or watch a demonstration video.

Get started by downloading the Crossmint Connect SDK.


Test it live here or watch a demonstration video.

Token Gating Websites and Apps

Once a user has connected their wallet, you will receive their wallet address and will be able to retrieve the content using the API to fetch a wallet’s NFTs and verify whether they hold the token(s) you require.

Token Gating Physical Events

Crossmint can issue QR codes for the users Apple/Android phones, directly from your wallet, via API. These QR codes will be compatible with tokenproof for token-gating IRL (in real life) events.


If you encounter issues while integrating with Crossmint, please ensure that:

  • Your project credentials are set correctly.
  • The user is correctly authenticated.
  • You have adequate error handling in your code to manage issues with API requests.