Introduction to Crossmint

Crossmint has a powerful suite of self-serve APIs and tools for developers and enterprises to create, distribute, and custody NFTs at scale. We are trusted by over 7,000 brands and developers, like Magic Eden, Rarible, Diageo, Cinemark, Tomorrowland, and McFarlane Toys.

Get started ⚑

Build a prototype with less than 10 lines of code in under 15 mins.

  • Enable anyone to buy your NFTs with any payment method, from anywhere in the world, in 1 minute, even if they don't have a wallet
  • Build custom pre-sale pages and start selling NFTs even before your smart contract has been deployed
  • Collect and manage accesslists that enable sign-ups with any method: wallets of any chain, emails, and more

  • Create, edit, and airdrop NFTs on-demand via API calls, paying with credit card, and deliver them to anyone
  • Even if the receiver doesn't have any cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet

  • Build your own wallet. Integrate it inside your app with best-in-class security and custom branding
  • Generate free Crossmint-branded wallets on-demand via APIs

What’s Next

Are you looking for more details about our various developer tools? Check out the features support table next!