Developer Console

It's time to start building!

The first step is to create an account on our Developer console. The console is your hub to register collections, get API keys, and more.


Staging and Production Consoles

There are two distinct developer console environments:
Staging (testnets) -
Production (mainnet) -

Note: this dual testing architecture is temporary and the next release will merge both consoles. Until then, staging and production accounts are not linked on our database: they have different log-in methods and wallet addresses.

Create a developer account

Navigate to the appropriate staging or production website, click on the “Dev Console” button in the upper right corner, and follow the steps.

Start a project and add members

After signing up, a project is created by default. A project is a container of collections, API keys, billing information and more and can be accessed by multiple members. All members share the same privileges except for the ability to remove other members, which is only accessible to the original creator of the project.

You can create multiple projects if you’re working with different teams or clients and there is information or tools you want to compartmentalize. If gating is not a concern, you can create multiple collections within the same project.

Projects can be created and edited from the drop down menu on the upper right corner.


New members can be added from the Members tab:


Feature overview

The developer hub offers a simple UI to set up your Crossmint configuration. However, you can also execute most operations via API, some by default and others upon request.

General functionality

API keysObtain keys to use any of our products
BillingSet up billing information, track your balance, and monitor requests
WebhooksAssign endpoint URLs to receive Crossmint webhooks
Add projectsSet up new projects with a different set of collaborators or billing methods
Add membersAdd collaborators to your project


FeatureDescriptionAvailable via API?
Register a collectionSet up payments and obtain a clientID for a specific contractYes (upon
Configure an accesslist using an external toolMake Crossmint compatible with your existing accesslistYes (upon
Set up a prepay pageBuild a no-code page to start collecting payments right now, even if you haven't deployed your smart contractNo
Sales dashboardAccess a dashboard with data on your salesNo
Set up an accesslist page - coming soonBuild a no-code page to collect email and wallet addresses, and gate who can participate based on discord roles, emails, or other parametersNo

Minting and wallet APIs

All the functionality, except for obtaining the keys and setting up the billing method and webhooks, is currently only available via APIs. Developer console support is coming soon.

What’s Next