Email Confirmation Guidelines

We recommend you send email an email confirmation when minting to a user's email address


Crossmint currently does not send a confirmation email when you deliver an NFT to a user's email address via the mint API

We recommend teams send a personalized email follow up whenever delivering an NFT to a user's email address. Here is a template of text we use for an in-office "proof of attendance” mint. Feel free to adapt this as you see fit for your email.

Generic Template

To: [email protected]
Subject: Thanks for visiting our office! Your Proof Of Attendance NFT

Hey someone,

This NFT was minted when you interacted with our dynamic POA QR code at our office. Thank you for visiting, you can find data about the day of your visit tied to your NFT.

This NFT was created with Crossmint, a company pioneering access in the web3 space. Your NFT is waiting for you!

To access it, simply sign into Crossmint at, and sign in with this email address ([email protected])

It’s that easy. You’ll have your NFT which will be accessible from your Crossmint wallet. You can export the NFT out of the Crossmint wallet at any time, for free.

Thank you,