Example Projects

Here we showcase projects that use the Mint API to easily create NFTs programmatically. Each projects' source code is made available to help inspire you as you build your apps and projects!


Regarding example projects

The projects mentioned on this page serve as basic examples for our Minting API use-case. Some projects might use deprecated routes and are not updated by Crossmint on a regular basis.

Twitter Bot to mint NFTs

This twitter bot uses the mint API to mint and send a polygon NFT to a recipient email or polygon address. To use it, any twitter user can simply mention the twitter bot in a reply. The minted NFT is an image of the tweet the user replied to.

We use the tweetPik library to generate the image, and whoever hosts the bot covers the cost of the mint.

Discord Bot to mint NFTs

This discord bot uses the mint API to mint and send a polygon NFT to a recipient email. You can host it in your own discord server and allow users to mint straight from chat!

Mint NFTs from a Google Sheet without coding

Prototype your NFT project without coding by just entering the NFT contents and recipients in a spreadsheet!

Example Google Sheet use

With this Google Sheet, you can mint real NFTs in Solana or Polygon, and deliver them to wallet addresses or even just emails! To get started visit the link below, copy the sheet, and follow the instructions.


Send NFTs via Zapier

Connect and automate NFT minting with over 5,000+ apps without writing any code.