Introduction to Crossmint

Crossmint offers a suite of APIs and tools that help you create, distribute, sell and custody NFTs for your users, with the best user experience available in the market.

Why use Crossmint? πŸ€”

Crossmint is trusted by more than 10,000 brands and developers. From independent NFT creators and collections, to companies like Magic Eden, Rarible, Origin Protocol, Diageo, Cinemark, Tomorrowland, and McFarlane Toys.

Here are some of the reasons why developers πŸ’š using Crossmint:

  1. Ease of use. Crossmint SDKs have been developed to ensure you can get to 'Hello World' in under 5 min and 10 lines of code.
  2. Powerful. Use a single SDK for all your needs across NFT minting, payments and wallets, across all major blockchains.
  3. Reliable. Crossmint has facilitated over 800,000 NFT mints and sales, custodies over 1,000,000 wallets, and has been battle tested and optimized to work in the worst blockchain network conditions.

SDK Overview

  • Enable anyone to seamlessly buy your NFTs with any payment method (from credit card to cross chain crypto), from anywhere in the world.
  • Buyers can receive their NFT in their existing crypto wallet, or alternatively sign in with email and get a wallet created on the fly.
  • Build custom pre-sale pages and start selling NFTs even before your smart contract has been deployed.

  • Mint, edit, burn, and airdrop NFTs on-demand via a single API call. Crossmint handles contract creation, IPFS, NFT minting, gas fees and can handle hundreds of requests per second.
  • NFTs can be delivered to crypto wallets as well as email addresses.

  • Create NFT wallets for your users with Crossmint grade security.
  • Embed wallets inside your app with full control over UX and branding.
  • Programmatically visualize NFTs inside your user wallets with one line of code.


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What’s Next

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