Introduction to Crossmint

Crossmint is the leading enterprise-grade web3 development platform, allowing you to build NFT applications without requiring any blockchain experience or holding cryptocurrency, and making the blockchain invisible to end users.

The platform offers a one-stop-shop for most of your NFT infrastructure needs across all major chains, including creating, distributing, selling, storing digital assets, and offering post-mint utility. Most of our tools are self-service and available in staging, so you can build end-to-end prototypes in minutes. All the products are interoperable with third-party sites, assets can be exported and compatible with any other wallet, like Metamask. The products have branded plug-and-play modes and a whitelabel version, with templates and repos you can fork to go live faster.

By using Crossmint, you can go to market faster, provide the best and most reliable UX to your end users, and benefit from instant integrations across the ecosystem, instead of spending months and millions of dollars building and maintaining suboptimal infrastructure in-house, or orchestrating multiple providers that may not work so well with one another.

Crossmint is trusted by over 30,000 enterprises and developers, including Fortune 500 and major companies like Microsoft, Mastercard, Etihad Airways, Red Bull, Adidas, Asus, Coca-Cola, and more. The platform also powers major web3 brands like Manifold, Rarible, Magic Eden, celebrities like Snoop Dogg, and Patrick Mahomes, and creators like Refik Anadol.

Product overview

  • Choose between Custodial or Non-Custodial (Account Abstraction) MPC WaaS products.
  • Add web3 capabilities to any website or app instantly, creating invisible wallets for existing users via API, without requiring user action, and hide all UX complications associated to blockchain apps.
  • Access a full suite of tools to build end-to-end use cases. Crossmint's WaaS offers more than key management, but a broader suite of tools and ecosystem integrations to build end-to-end use cases with none or very limited custom development required from your side.

  • Get an MPC treasury wallet and use simple APIs to manage your portfolio of smart contracts and NFTs. Crossmint will pay for gas on your behalf and bill you directly in fiat, eliminating your need to hold cryptocurrency and manage the treasury.
  • Deploy pre-audited smart contracts for any major use case: ERC721s, 1155s, soulbound NFTs, dynamic NFTs, compressed NFTs, and more.
  • Mint, edit, and burn over 2,500,000 NFTs per hour on-demand. Distribute them via airdrops to wallets or email addresses, QR codes, NFC chips, and more. Crossmint handles contract creation, IPFS upload, NFT minting, and gas fees, batching transactions for optimal throughput and minimal cost. You can also create & manage collections directly from the Crossmint developer console. Learn more here.

  • Create purchase experiences indistinguishable from traditional e-commerce, allowing users to buy NFTs with debit or credit cards, without cumbersome KYCs, from 190+ countries and any US state, including New York, with over 95% transaction approval rate and full chargeback protection.
  • Onboard new users, creating wallets on-the-fly if they don't have one, or deliver the NFTs directly into their existing wallets (e.g. Metamask) if they do.
  • Launch in 5 minutes with a hosted SDK or build whitelabel experiences embedded in your website, app, or game.
  • Instantly tap into our compliance engine for advanced anti-fraud monitoring, anti-money laundering and sanction screening.


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What’s Next

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