Integration guide

Enough reading. Time to build! 🧱

βš’οΈ Fiat and cross-chain payments

Start accepting fiat and cross-chain payments for your NFT sale in 15 minutes. If you are a marketplace or a launchpad, read this.

Before starting, note that Crossmint can only be used for the sale of NFTs. Make sure that what you are selling is not included in our list of prohibited and restricted businesses which includes gambling, securities, unfair or predatory products, and other sensitive categories.

If you want to build the integration on testnet, follow the integration guide using our staging console: If you are ready to ship in production, go to

Integrate in two simple steps

  1. Register your smart contract
  2. Add the Crossmint payment button to your website

You're done! πŸŽ‰

  1. Now check our additional features:
  1. Check our launch list

πŸ’΅ Set up a prepay page

Start selling your NFTs right now, even if you haven't deployed your smart contract. Read the guide to launch your own custom page in just 5 minutes.

What’s Next