Features Overview

List all features supported by the API.


Create NFTsWith a single REST API request you can:
- Deploy a smart contract
- Validate, upload, and pin your NFT metadata and media assets to decentralized permanent storage
- Mints the NFT
- Deliver the NFT to a wallet or email address. If the recipient doesn't have a wallet, one will be created for them instantly, for free
Edit NFTsUpdate the metadata of an NFT via simple API calls. By default, it only works for NFTs that have been originally minted using Crossmint's minting API. For other NFTs that have been minted outside of Crossmint, Contact Us
Burn NFTsIn private beta. Contact us
Check mint statusYou can use both polling and Webhooks to check on your NFT mint status.

NFT Content

MetadataLet the Mint API uploading NFT metadata on your behalf to IPFS, do the uploads yourself, or host it in your own server.

Metadata format:
- Polygon: follows OpenSea's metadata standard
- Solana: Read more
Dynamic contentUpdate your NFT content on demand. This can be done via both on-chain as well as off-chain update mechanisms
RoyaltiesSet royalties on secondary sales of your NFTs.
Marketplace collection metadataYou can customize how your collection shows in marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden and others.


Existing crypto wallets Send NFTs to users with an existing wallet such as Metamask or Phantom
Create walletsCreate a wallet on demand for your users, and link it to their email or your own user identifier.

Your users don't need to sign in before you send them the NFT, wallets will be created on the fly and the user can sign up later to claim it.

Smart Contract and Blockchain support

Blockchains- Polygon: live in mainnet and testnet (Mumbai)
- Solana: live in mainnet and devnet. Support for Compressed NFTs now available.
- Other EVM chains (Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB, Avalanche, Optimism, etc.): available upon request but not self-serve
- Other non-EVM chains: Contact Us
Smart contract support- Polygon: ERC-721 & ERC-1155 support
- Solana: Metaplex Certified Collections, Compressed NFTs
Smart contract ownershipBy default, Crossmint deploys and hosts your NFT smart contracts, and you can take them out later.

Optionally, you can bring your own contract too.
Gas feesCrossmint pays all gas fees, included in the pricing.