Features overview

Minting API

Create, edit, and airdrop NFTs on-demand via API calls, abstracting the complexity of contracts, gas fees, and wallets from you and your community

Creating NFTsWith a simple REST request you can:
- Deploy a smart contract
- Validate, upload, and pin your NFT metadata and media assets to decentralized permanent storage
- Mints the NFT
- Deliver the NFT to a wallet or email address. If the recipient doesn't have a wallet, one will be created for them instantly, for free
Editing and burning NFTsEditing: update the metadata of an NFT via simple API calls. By default, it only works for NFTs that have been originally minted using Crossmint's minting API. For other NFTs that have been minted outside of Crossmint, contact us

Burning: In private beta. Contact us
Gas feesSimply top up credits on the developer console using a debit or credit card.

All gas fees are paid by Crossmint, included in the pricing, and abstracted away from you.
Blockchains- Polygon: live in mainnet and testnet (Mumbai)
- Solana: live in mainnet and devnet. Support for Compressed NFTs now available - mint 10K for free by signing up [here](https://crossmint.typeform.com/nft-compression)
- Other EVM chains (Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB, Avalanche, Optimism, etc.): available upon request but not self-serve
- Other non-EVM chains: contact us
MetadataWe automatically upload the metadata to IPFS. Support for alternative providers coming soon

- Polygon: follows OpenSea's metadata standard
- Solana: Read more
Smart contracts- Polygon: ERC-721. Contact us for ERC-1155 support
- Solana: Metaplex Certified Collections, Compressed NFTs

Bring your own contract: available but not self-serve. Contact us
Smart contract ownershipBy default, the smart contract will be owned by Crossmint. However, it can be transferred upon request. However, transfer of the ownership may disable certain features like editing or burning NFTs.

Contact us if you need to bring your own smart contract. Currently in private beta. Coming self-serve in Q1.
Airdrops recipientsWallets and emails addresses. If the recipient doesn't have a wallet, they will get one created instantly, for free
RoyaltiesIn private beta. Contact us
Mint check statusEvery mint request returns an id field that uniquely represents each NFT. You can track the status of the mint event using this ID, since minting an NFT can take a few seconds before its finalized on the blockchain. Once it's finalized, this endpoint will provide all onChain data you'll need about the NFT.
Rate-limiting200 TPS. For special drops, we can allocate additional resources. The baseline TPS will increase throughout Q1

Transactions are queued and submitted to the blockchain at the maximum rate the chain can handle.

For additional information, please visit rate limits page.
Setting up OpenSea or Rarible pagesContact us to give you edit access to your OpenSea page

Concierge service available for enterprise clients
EmailsYou are responsible for notifying NFT recipients of the airdrop