With royalties, you can receive revenue when your NFTs are traded on secondary markets. Crossmint allows you to configure royalties for a collection via API and (soon) directly from the console. You just have to specify the % of royalties and where you want those funds to be sent.

Royalties are defined at the collection level, not at the NFT level. Updating the royalties of a collection will update all NFTs, including the ones which have already been minted.

This API follows royalty standards compatible with virtually all marketplaces. However, note that some marketplaces have determined to not honor royalties, so transactions occuring there may not generate additional revenue.

Available self-serve for ERC-721 collections in EVM chains. Please contact us for ERC-1155 or Solana support.

Add / Edit RoyaltiesAdd or edit royalties
Get Royalty InformationGet royalty information
Disable RoyaltiesDisable royalties