Introduction | Payments

Accept any kind of payment for your NFT drop, launchpad or marketplace

Crossmint's battle-tested payments infrastructure can help you increase your sales up to 50%, no cost to you, in 10 minutes of integration time.

Our suite is comprised of three products:

1) Fiat payments

Enable anyone to buy your NFTs using familiar payment methods: debit, credit card, and bank transfers, directly from your website.

Crossmint is free for the seller, supports payments from 180+ countries, offers instant settlements in the native currency of the contract (we pay the contract directly), with over 90% transaction success rate, no cumbersome KYC checks, and no chargeback risk.

Web3 native users can pay with fiat but send the NFT directly into their own wallet. Newcomers will get a new wallet created instantly, accessible via social log-in and backed by Fireblocks, the most secure custodial solution in the market, trusted by institutions with billions of dollars of assets. Crossmint's wallet is fully functional and can be connected to dApps via Wallet Connect/Adapter and our own proprietary SDK, but users may transfer the NFTs to any wallet for free at any time.

2) Cross-chain payments

Accept payments in cryptocurrencies different that the one denominated on the smart contract. For example, enable people to pay with ETH for a Polygon or Solana NFT, and the other way around. The mechanics of the product are similar to fiat payments: we pay the smart contract directly in the native currency of the contract, and create wallets when the user doesn't have the one needed to custody the purchased NFT.

3) Prepay

Set up a presale page to start collecting payments even before doing any engineering or smart contract work. Buyers will purchase your NFTs using fiat (crypto coming soon). You can make it an open sale or gate by wallet, email, or discord role. Buyers without a wallet will be created one.

After the presale has finished, we will send you a list of wallet addresses for you to airdrop the NFTs, which you can do with your own script or using our minting API. You will receive the funds via bank or USDC transfer moments after executing the airdrop.

What does the integration look like?

Integrating Crossmint on your website takes under 15 minutes. All it takes is registering on our developer console, registering your smart contract, and pasting 10 lines of SDK code on your frontend.

Which types of sales can Crossmint support?

Crossmint supports both primary and secondary sales. We also offer APIs and tools for launchpads and agencies to deploy at scale and programmatically.

With Crossmint, you can easily add additional payment methods for your NFT drop, beyond native cryptocurrency, so you can bring more users to your project and increase your sales.

Crossmint is totally free for sellers, integrates directly with your existing smart contract, and sends you payments immediately in the same cryptocurrency that your drop / marketplace supports. Getting started takes less than 15 min and 10 lines of code.

The best way to understand how our payments tools can elevate your project is to experience them yourself.

We can help add credit card purchasing to your upcoming or live NFT drop in three simple steps and a few lines of code added to your minting website.

  1. Create Developer Account
  2. Register Collection
  3. Fiat Checkout Button

Crossmint supports payments for secondary sales on NFT Marketplaces also. From high traffic marketplaces like Magic Eden, Hyperspace, or Form Function, to custom / embedded marketplaces for NFT projects and collections.
More info available on the Marketplaces Docs page.

We can also help you add built in Crossmint support for you launchpad, enabling your creators to add credit cards payments at the flick of a switch in your UI.
More info available on the Launchpads page

Individual dropsSingle NFT drops taking place from your own or a third party's website
MarketplacesPeer-to-peer marketplaces like Magic Eden or Rarible
Launchpads and agenciesNo-code NFT creators and firms who work on a large number of projects

How is Crossmint different than other providers?

There are two types of solutions that enable users to purchase NFTs with fiat: cryptocurrency on-ramps and NFT checkouts.

Cryptocurrency on-ramps

Cryptocurrency on-ramps are analogous to ATMs in the real world. They enable customers to top up their existing wallets with cryptocurrency purchased with credit card.

They require users to already have a wallet, and due to regulatory and anti abuse prevention, they must trigger complex KYC verification processes, and have lower transaction approval rates, as low as 40-50%, as issuing banks have higher decline rates for transactions involving cryptocurrencies. A first time user may spend 20 minutes to over one hour to purchase an NFT, in addition to the time it takes to create a wallet, and around half will get their cards declined after going through the entire process.

NFT checkouts

These products enable buyers to directly purchase NFTs using fiat. In the case of Crossmint, even if the buyer doesn't have a wallet, with minimal friction and no cumbersome KYC, and with transaction approval rates of over 90%.

Crossmint was the earliest, and is the most complete NFT checkout in the market. Built by former NFT project creators, and now trusted by the biggest number of clients, that range from some of the world biggest NFT marketplaces, to Fortune 500 companies, and of course thousands of individual artists and creators.

Over time, and after hundreds of thousands of transactions, our SDK has been battle tested and hardened against blockchain unreliability and sophisticated fraud attacks. We also have a sophisticated compliance function, are in well standing with payment providers, run anti money laundering and OFAC sanction checks, and follow best practices in security (we're currently well advanced seeking SOC-2 compliance). We offer the most secure wallet configuration, powered by Fireblocks, so you can make sure the assets of your users are safe. Finally, we offer 24/7 customer support to developers and customers on multiple languages.