Start selling your NFTs right now, even if you haven't deployed your smart contract


This product is deprecated

With Crossmint Prepay, you can set up a custom presale page and start collecting payments right now. We will collect or create wallet addresses for your buyers and send those to you before mint day. On mint day, you will be responsible for airdropping NFTs into the buyers' wallets. After all NFTs have been sent, we will release the funds into your bank account or wallet address.

⚡ Get started

You can create your own presale page from our developer console, within just 5 minutes:

🧱 Resources

💡 Tips

  • Select a mint date and stick to it. Upon presale, buyers will be notified of when they can expect to receive their NFT. Changes in dates often result in discontented customers. If you do move the dates, please do so with care and communicate it to your community in advance.

  • Crossmint's flagship payments product is free for the seller. However, on prepay, costs are borne by the seller. Please take into account these costs and any gas fees you may incur during the airdrop when setting up the price.