Prepay allows you to begin selling your NFTs before the contract is even deployed

Here are some things to keep in mind to make this as smooth as possible for you and your community:

  1. Select a mint date and stick to it. During the prepay your buyers will see the date they can expect to be
    airdropped the NFT they are prepaying for. When projects move the date it can confuse buyers and lead to
    frustration. We understand dates need to be moved in some situations and can support you, but encourage
    you to do so with care and communicate this to your community.

  2. You will need to airdrop the NFTs to the buyers on the date of the mint. We will coordinate with you to close
    the prepay site and deliver the user's crossmint wallet addresses so that you can airdrop to them.

  3. Once we have confirmed that the airdrops have been completed we will initiate the fund's transfer to your
    project, typically within 24-48 hours max. We can support standard bank transfers or send you USDC.

  4. The fees for prepaying are taken out of the amount charged to the buyers. This is different than our minting
    product where the fees are added on top of the NFT cost. Please keep this in mind as you select your prepay price.

How to setup your prepay collection

  1. Login to the Crossmint dev console
  2. Go to the collections tab
  3. Create your collection (or select an existing collection)
  4. Click "Prepay" solution in left side navigation
  5. Configure the prepay settings (number of NFTs, airdrop date, url, price, etc)
  6. Ensure you enable the prepay solution using toggle button
  7. Click save
  8. Read, Agree to the Prepay terms of service, and click "Create Prepay"
  9. Share the URL to your hosted prepay page with your community