4. Prepare for launch

Make sure you are ready for production with our launch checklist


Default Transaction Limit

The default transaction limit is $1,500. If your mint price is higher than this, please Contact Support

1. Register your collection in our production developer console

Crossmint has two developer consoles. Whenever possible you should begin using the staging environment to test everything out end to end. Then, when staging is working perfectly create an identical collection in production and point it toward a mainnet smart contract or candy machine.

Staging Developer Console
Production Developer Console

Make sure you're using all the Mainnet details for your drop. Grab your brand new Crossmint Client ID after you create the collection and update the clientId attribute of your <CrossmintPayButton> component with the new value.

Create a Developer Account Guide

2. Make sure your account is verified

You must complete KYC to enable credit card payments in production. In most cases, verification is instantaneous. In very rare cases, we'll reach out to you via email to request additional information.

Tips for KYC verification

Our KYC flow only requires a valid government ID and three live selfie photos. You'll begin by taking photos of the front and back of your government ID card.

  • Ensure the photos are taken in a well lit room
  • Minimize glare since the surface is often shiny and reflective
  • Retake the photo if necessary

When taking the selfie photos you should:

  • Ensure the room is well lit
  • Remove any eyewear before taking selfies
  • Pull long hair behind ears to avoid obscuring your face

If you are not auto approved your submission will need to be reviewed manually by actual humans. Please be patient and expect up to 24 hours for this process to be completed.


Complete KYC Early

You can complete KYC and verify your account as soon as you create it. Take care of this before you need to go live with your launch. You'll have plenty of other things that need your attention on launch day.

3. Ensure that your collection has a photo URL

In the <CrossmintPayButton> component make sure that the collectionPhoto attribute is set to a URL of an image of your collection. Here's an example using our React SDK.


Add a collection image URL so your checkout popup has a related image.

Your image will appear in the payment popup and look something similar to the following:


4. Add the environment="production" property to the button

While you're testing your drop you have to add the environment="staging" attribute to your button. Ensure that you remove this property or set it equal to environment="production" so that it works in production.

        quantity: "1",
        totalPrice: "0.025"
        // your custom minting arguments...
        "quantity": "1",
        "totalPrice": "0.025"
        // your custom minting arguments...

5. Test the button to ensure the checkout loads properly

After setting up everything for production, click through the button and make sure the popup is correctly appearing without any errors.