Introduction | Whitelabel wallets

Build & customize the entire User Interface and Experience with Crossmint's White Label API.


Crossmint Whitelabel is offered as an enterprise solution and requires evaluation of your use case before approval. Reach out to reach out to sales to get started.

Empower brands and developers to:

  • Create branded blockchain wallets.
  • Accept credit cards, various crypto currencies and build the entire checkout experience with your brand's name & logo.

Advanced Features

  • Register - Dynamically register and update a NFT collection.
  • Create a wallet - Create a wallet for your user and customize the entire UI/UX design for your brand.
  • Visualize your user wallet - Your brand can customize how you would like to display metadata within your user's crypto wallet.
  • Token-gating - Gate, secure and only give access to certain users who own your brand's NFT.
  • Checkout - Accept sales with credit cards and various crypto currencies, with no risk of chargebacks.
  • Transfer - Securely transfer NFTs to a different wallet.
  • Webhooks - Use webhooks to get status updates on checkouts, mints, and exports.

Getting Started

First, go to the Crossmint Developer Console and create your developer account. After signing up, you'll have a default project automatically created for you. From here, navigate to the API Keys tab to create an API key, and you'll be ready to go!



After creating your project, you will be able to generate API keys. These are what you will use to authenticate your API requests, in headers X-PROJECT-ID and X-CLIENT-SECRET respectively.


These keys are extremely sensitive!

If they are leaked, an attacker may take control of your customers' custodial wallets. This includes the ability to transfer the assets held in those wallets. As such, all communication to a Crossmint API must take place on your server only. It's trivial for someone to inspect the network traffic and find this key if it's used on a frontend client.


Available Methods

To learn more about the API endpoints you have available, go through each subpage to get all the information you need including required headers, parameters, available responses, and examples.

You can register collections, accept credit card and crypto payments to mint an NFT, fetch users' wallet addresses, transfer NFTs into another wallet, and get status updates with webhooks.