Crossmint Embedded NFT Checkout Demo


Write 1-3 sentences explaining what this quickstart will build and why it’s useful. Maybe include a link to a demo or a video.


Prerequisite 1 Info

Optional extra information that can be included

Title Only without extra info

Another prerequisite

Integration Steps

The title used here may be different depending on the product. For example, for the Embedded NFT Checkout it’s “Integration Steps” but for the Wallet APIs it’s “Create a Wallet”.

When you actually begin listing the steps to follow you’ll usually want to use the Steps component again, but without custom icon so that it numbers them.


Step 1 description

The title should be description and describe the action the developer needs to take. Example: “Create a Wallet”

Whenever possible include a screenshot that also demonstrates the action. For example:

Set environment URL screenshot

Step 2 description

Sometimes it will make more sense to show a code example:

console.log('build something awesome')