In minutes, you can build an end-to-end flow combining the most robust enterprise-grade authentication products in the market with Crossmint’s secure wallet infrastructure.

Crossmint works out-of-the-box with Auth0, Firebase, Stytch, NextAuth, and most other leading auth providers.

You may integrate it using the Crossmint plug-in available on their marketplaces or by calling our wallet creation API whenever a user successfully signs up using their auth.

If you already have an authentication system in place, you can create wallets for all existing users via API, without requiring user action.

Getting Started

  • Auth0: Guide
    • Crossmint has a plug-in available on the Auth0 marketplace. You can automate a workflow to create invisible Crossmint wallets upon sign-up, without touching a line of code.
    • If you are an existing Auth0 user, you can set up Crossmint within 5 minutes. If not, you can set up a flow end-to-end within an hour.
  • Stytch: Guide
  • NextAuth: Guide