Crossmint custodial wallet example screenshot

Log In

An account is created for you automatically when you purchase, claim, or are sent an NFT using Crossmint.

To log in to your Crossmint wallet, visit and enter your email address. You will be sent a one time code to log in with.

Transfer NFTs

To transfer an NFT, navigate to the detail view for it and click the Transfer button. If you haven’t already connected your wallet, you will be prompted to do so and given the option to save it for future transfers.

Spam Filtering

Crossmint uses a spam filter to hide suspicious NFTs within your wallet from being displayed. This is a safety feature to prevent interacting with malicious NFTs. If you do see an NFT that appears suspicious, please contact us so we can investigate.

A common indicator of a suspicious NFT is an image that says you’ve won something. Do not interact with these NFTs or follow any links they may contain.

Wallet Address

Many Crossmint users actually have multiple wallet addresses. This is a privacy feature which keeps your NFTs from different projects being linked together.

The various wallet addresses associated with your account are not viewable in the Crossmint wallet interface. When you log in to your Crossmint wallet, you will be shown a combined interface of all of your NFTs across all of your wallet addresses.

Do NOT airdrop or transfer NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain to your Crossmint wallet. You will be unable to transfer them back out due to higher fees.


Powered by Fireblocks, all of our wallets leverage the same cutting edge MPC technology trusted by institutions with billions of assets under management.