For general information about the wallet product, see the introduction. This guide will focus on the features specific to the non-custodial wallet.

Crossmint’s Smart Wallet SDK allows you to deploy Account Abstraction wallets for your users in just a few lines of code, with the best usability, security and reliability on the market.

When are Smart Wallets the best fit?

  • Your users need to store and interact with .
  • You want to offer truly non-custodial wallets to your users with the best possible UX and advanced functionality.

What’s unique about Crossmint’s Smart Wallets?

  • Turnkey product: the SDK includes all the infrastructure you need, with embedded redundancy, in just a few lines of code: , managed RPCs, indexers, bundlers, paymasters, account factory, nonce management, and more, eliminating the need to tape together multiple providers and spend months building scalable infrastructure.
  • Can be connected to any website: users can connect and interact with third-party sites using Wallet Connect or Crossmint Connect.
  • Highest grade security and compliance: with MPC key management powered by Fireblocks, assets are secured by the same technology trusted by financial institutions storing billions of dollars in assets. MPC ensures that it’s not possible for private keys to be leaked, ever. The SDK also offers premium add-ons like spam filters, AML and sanction screening, anomaly detection, passkeys and 2FA, and more.

Key Characteristics


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User Experience


Smart Wallets allow users to set up compliant asset recovery mechanisms in case they lose access to their credentials.

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