For general information about the wallet product, see the introduction. This guide will focus on the features specific to the non-custodial wallet.

With Crossmint’s Smart Wallet SDK, you have access to an enterprise-grade, non-custodial, and embedded smart wallets solution, ready for onboarding the masses onto web3.

Your users will experience a seamless UX thanks to features like gas fee sponsoring, passkey signers (eliminating the need for passphrases), and silent transaction signing. And as a developer, you get a fully managed wallet solution - with one simple vendor integration, you get access to 10+ services across wallets, RPCs, indexers, spam filters, and more, across a number of EVM chains today - including Base, Optimism, Astar, Polygon, Arbitrum Nova - with more being added frequently.

Moreover, building with smart wallets offers native programmability, including opt-in on-chain modules enable compliance, security and usability features. And the SDK is designed with tight integration into Crossmint’s other offerings, providing developers with powerful tools to build NFT-centric applications.

When are Smart Wallets the best fit?

  • Your users need to store and interact with .
  • You want to offer truly non-custodial wallets to your users with the best possible UX while ensuring you remain highly compliant with industry leading asset security.

Example use cases may include:

  • Creating gas-less wallets for on-chain loyalty programs and enterprise customer activations
  • Wrap Crossmint’s headless SDK within a broader infrastructure suite to build a more holistic developer platform
  • On chain subscription payments, based on user-set rules
  • Secure embedded wallets, with scoped transactions + smart contracts that users can interact with
  • Onboarding more buyers and sellers into NFT launchpads and marketplaces
  • Web3 games, which have a trading or transactional component

What’s unique about Crossmint’s Smart Wallets?

  • Turnkey product: the SDK includes all the infrastructure you need, with embedded redundancy, in just a few lines of code: , managed RPCs, indexers, bundlers, paymasters, account factory, nonce management, and more, eliminating the need to tape together multiple providers and spend months making that infrastructure scalable.
  • Can be connected to any website: users can connect and interact with third-party sites using Wallet Connect or Crossmint Connect.
  • Highest grade security and compliance: Crossmint leverages industry leading MPC and Passkey technology to enable secure non-custodial key generation, the same technology trusted by financial institutions storing billions of dollars in assets. The SDK also offers premium add-ons like spam filters, AML and sanction screening, anomaly detection, passkeys and 2FA, and more.
  • Out of the box programmability: Native plug-ins include enabling streamlined asset recovery, improved wallet security, and more. We’re continuously adding wallet plugins, reach out if there is a specific plugin you’d like to see supported.

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Smart Wallets allow users to set up compliant asset recovery mechanisms in case they lose access to their credentials.

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