API Key Scopes

API keys are needed to authorize requests against some of the Crossmint HTTP APIs. By using an API key, Crossmint knows which project is making the call, and can discount credits off your quota.

API key scopes are the permissions a key has to access or modify certain resources in your Crossmint developer project. It's a good security practice to enable only the permissions you need, and not more.


API keys are not needed to use Crossmint to accept credit card or cross chain payments

Crossmint's payment products do not require API keys. To use them follow the documentation under payments.

API key scopes can be set from the API Keys section of the developer console.

Scope nameScopeDescription
nfts.mintMinting APIAllows you to create, edit and delete NFTs using the Minting API.

This scope is not needed to enable customers to mint your NFTs using Crossmint Payment products
nfts.checkoutPaymentsGenerate a checkout url programmatically
wallets.createWalletsCreate wallets
wallets.readWalletsGet wallet addresses for a user
wallets:nfts.readWalletsRead the NFTs inside a wallet
wallets:nfts.transferWalletsInitiate an NFT transfer request from a user wallet