Create your API keys

A quick tutorial on setting up your Crossmint API keys


Crossmint has multiple environments. Be sure to understand the differences between them and discover which best suits you.

Crossmint offers a staging and a production environment which operate on testnet/devnet and mainnet. Both environments are nearly identical with the key difference being which blockchain network is being utilized.


- Mainnet

Navigate to to utilize mainnet services. Everything here is done using real currency and you may need to contact a Crossmint support agent to gain access to certain features.

- Staging

Staging allows you to experience all of Crossmint's services on the testnet/devnet without costing you a single penny. To access the staging environment navigate to Migration from the staging environment to the mainnet environment is as simple as changing the subdomain.

Setup your API keys

In this example, we'll be using the staging environment. If you would like to do this for mainnet, the steps are identical with the only difference being that some API key scopes can't be enabled directly within the panel and you may need to contact Crossmint support to assist you.

1. Navigate to the Crossmint developer console

2. Go to the API Keys tab

3. Click on "New API Key"

4. Select your designated scopes and create your API key


For more information about the API Key scopes, take a look at what each one is about here:

5. Copy your API keys