Choose the recipient for your NFT

Learn how to craft the recipient string for minting depending on the recipient type

Crossmint allows you to deliver NFTs to two kinds of addresses:

  • Wallet addresses, or
  • Email addresses: in this modality, Crossmint automatically generates a secure MPC backed custodial wallet for the email, and delivers the NFT inside.

Supported Blockchains

The Minting API requires each request to specify the blockchain for the NFT, using the param name in the recipient field. The following blockchains are supported in the Minting API:

BlockchainParameter Name

Sending NFTs to blockchain addresses

To mint an NFT directly to an existing blockchain address, the following recipient format is used:


Examples of sending to a blockchain address

  • Polygon: polygon:0x123...
  • Solana: solana:3Q5...

Sending NFTs to email addresses

To mint an NFT and send it to an email address, the following recipient format is used:


Examples of sending to an email address

The NFT can then be accessed by logging into Crossmint with the specified email address: