For general information about the NFT checkout product, see the introduction. This guide will focus on the features specific to the headless checkout.

When is the Headless Checkout the best fit?

  • You want to build the entire user experience
  • You want to use Crossmint checkout outside of a browser environment (e.g. native mobile app, game, VR headset, etc.)
  • You are okay spending more time developing your own UX


Crossmint’s headless checkout API is a set of REST APIs that allow you to integrate credit card and cross-chain crypto payments inside your app with full control of the user experience.

It is the most customizable version of the Crossmint suite of NFT checkout products, which allows anyone to buy an NFT with familiar payment methods (credit card, crypto on any chain independent on where the asset lives) with the same backend, but allowing full UI customizability and deep integration with your app’s UX.

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