If you want your users to claim your NFTs without paying, use the claims page product instead.


  1. To get started, go to the console staging or production console, and create or import a collection by following the steps on the wizard.
  1. Open your collection, go to the Payments tab, and enable it.

  2. Select the No-code Storefront tab and turn on the toggle.

  3. Set the Price per item to match the price in your smart contract. Ensure it’s set in the native currency of the contract and that it includes any anciliary fees.

If your collection is set up using an external platform which charges a fee per NFT, please add that amount to the price. For example, if you contract charges 0.01 ETH and the provider charges 0.002 ETH, then set the price at 0.012 ETH.

  1. Click on Save.

  2. (Optional) Customize the branding and style of your page, using the console.

Looking to sell the NFTs from your website?