Wallets as a Service Introduction

Enterprise-grade embedded wallets with best-in-class MPC security

Crossmint has a first party wallet, accessible from Crossmint.com, and a whitelabel embedded WaaS product, trusted by thousands of enterprises and developers like Mastercard, and Red Bull, and which is the scope of this section.

Crossmint’s WaaS APIs allow you to build web3 experiences that make the blockchain invisible, with best-in-class security (Fireblocks MPC), self-serve, in minutes.

With this product you can:

  • Add web3 capabilities to your website or app instantly. create wallets for existing users via API without requiring user action, and for new ones upon sign up, leveraging your own auth or one of our 5-minute turnkey integrations with the leading providers (Stytch, auth0, Firebase)
  • Get all the APIs you need to build an end-to-end experience: Crossmint is more than a key management provider. Our wallet APIs give you all the infrastructure you need, abstracting away RPCs, indexers, and other underlying technology. Our APIs include endpoints for visualizing and fetching the content of the wallet, distributing tokens, sanction screening, spam filters, and more.
  • Abstract away the blockchain: no passphrases and transaction approval prompts, sponsored gas, account recovery, etc.
  • Build fully interoperable experiences: users can connect their wallets to third-party sites using Wallet Connect or Crossmint Connect, and issue Apple/Android QR codes directly from the wallet, to token-gate IRL events.
  • All compliantly and with best-in-class security: unleakable private keys, managed using the same Fireblocks MPC technology trusted by major financial institutions to store billions of dollars.

Note: Crossmint's self-serve wallet product can only store NFTs. If you're interested in also storing fungible tokens, contact us. We have something for you.

See it in action here