Easy and secure NFT custody for your users

Crossmint’s wallet APIs empower developers and enterprises to offer secure NFT custody while maintaining flexible brand control. Customers select Crossmint’s wallet solutions because of:

  • Easy and familiar onboarding: Your end users can access their NFTs via email, social login, or your existing authentication. No need for them to remember complex seed phrases or sweat losing access to their NFTs.
  • Industry-leading security: Crossmint wallets private keys are unleakable, as they are built using MPC, the most secure custodian wallet architecture (powered by Fireblocks).
  • NFT-focus: Crossmint wallets have been built from the ground up with a focus on NFTs. We provide any API you may need to visualize, transfer, or mint NFTs to them in a couple lines of code.

With Crossmint’s wallet services, you can accomplish every step of the NFT custody workflow - wallet creation, displaying and transferring assets, tokengating, and more - via a few simple REST APIs. Crossmint APIs abstract away all the complexity of managing gas, smart contracts, RPCs, indexers and other underlying infrastructure, so you can focus on building the ideal user experience.

Crossmint wallets can be used with your existing authentication system, or with Crossmint user accounts.

What does integrating Crossmint wallets look like?

Creating new wallets via our headless APIs takes just a few lines of code. You then have the flexibility to design the user experience at your discretion - create new experiences or embed within your existing and familiar application / website

What chains are supported today for Crossmint wallets?

You can create wallets on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Cardano today. Other EVM chains are available upon demand. Flow, Immutable X, and Avalanche coming soon. If you have a specific chain request, please let us know and we can work with you to prioritize.