Features overview

Wallet APIs

Integrate wallets into your app with custom branding, best in class security, in less than 10 lines of code

ProductsCrossmint has two wallet products:
- Standard: free to use
- Whitelabel: free up to 10,000 monthly active wallets. All the features but headless and RESTful, embeddable into your app with custom branding, best in class security, in fewer than 10 lines of code
SecurityPowered by Fireblocks' cutting edge MPC technology, the same key storage trusted by institutions with billions of dollars under management
Chain support10+ chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Optimism, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Avalanche, Base, Zora, Sui, Cardano, and Binance, with more coming soon. Contact us if you need support for a different chain.
Key managementKeys are unleakable and stored using Fireblocks, with the same MPC technology as financial institutions with billions of dollars in assets. Every user gets their own individual wallet(s) which they can track on-chain. Every single transaction takes place on-chain and can be monitored.
Token-gatingCompatible with Wallet Connect v1 and v2

Optimal performance and UX with Crossmint Connect, our own proprietary token-gating SDK
AuthenticationUse any authentication provider. Continue using your own or use one of our 5-minute turnkey integrations with the leading providers e.g. Dynamic, Stytch, Auth0, Firebase.
Wallet generationCrossmint-branded wallets can be generated via API or directly by using our payments and minting products:
- Any user who purchases an NFT using Crossmint's fiat or cross-chain payments products will be given a Crossmint wallet, unless they already have one wallet
- Any email address introduced as a destination on the minting API will automatically create a wallet and account associated with that email

Whitelabel wallets can be created via API
ActionsCreating wallets, fetching NFTs, signing transactions
PricingCrossmint branded wallets are free for developers and users

Whitelabel wallets are free up to 10,000 free monthly active users if you sign up now, and paid beyond that.