The minting guide showed you how to create NFTs. In this guide you will learn how to set up a website where users can claim those NFTs into their wallets, for free.

Key Characteristics

  • Easy to set up: no coding required.
  • No wallet required: users can claim an NFT to their existing wallet, or, if they didn’t have one, enter an email address and have a wallet created on the fly.
  • Bot protection: comes with signature protected mint function, reCAPTCHA, Cloudflare rate-limiting, and optional password protection.
  • Blockchain-less UX: users don’t need to sign any transaction, nor pay gas fees.

If you want users to pay the gas fees when claiming a token, you can do so by enabling payments for your collection with a price of 0.


  1. Create an NFT collection and navigate to it in the console.
  2. Upload NFT “templates” for all the NFTs you wish to list for claiming. You can do so from the “NFTs” tab in the console, or by using the API.
  3. Navigate to the Claims entry on the left navbar in the collections page. Follow the wizard to deploy a claims page. It is recommended to set a password, so that only those who know it can claim.
  4. (Optional) Customize the branding of your page.
Screenshot showing how to customize the branding of a claims page
  1. (Production only) Verify your account and collection. Not required in staging.
  2. Share the url or QR code with your users.