The minting guide showed you how to create NFTs. In this guide you will learn how to enable Crossmint’s NFT checkout so you can sell them to your customers using cryptocurrency or credit card.

How It Works

  • You can set a price in crypto (ETH or SOL). USDC is coming soon.
  • You get paid on a wallet address up to 2 business days after the purchase.
  • Your customers can pay with crypto or credit card.
  • You pay credits for NFT gas, user pays only for the item.

Configure a Collection for Sale

  1. Create an NFT collection and navigate to it in the console.

  2. Upload NFT “templates” for all the NFTs you wish to list for sale. You can do so from the “NFTs” tab in the console, or by using the API.

  3. Navigate to the Payments entry on the left navbar in the collections page. Follow the wizard to enable payments.

  4. (Production only) Verify your account and collection. Not required in staging.

  5. Share the url or QR code with your users.

Set Up a Checkout

Now that your collection accepts payments, the next step is to integrate one of Crossmint’s NFT checkout variants into your app or website, and start accepting sales.

There are three ways to integrate: