Cross-Chain + Crypto Payments

You can easily create or update an order to receive a price quote, enabling your user to pay with crypto they have on the same chain or even liquidity they have on other chains.

There are several considerations you need to keep in mind when building your app to support cross-chain payments. Some recommendations include the following:

  • How to test the process out in staging/testnet and then move to production/mainnet
  • Filtering down the list of tokens for which the connected wallet has enough balance to cover the purchase
  • Ensuring the wallet is set to the same network as the selected payment chain

Refer to the Order Lifecycle docs for details about creating and updating orders based on user selections.

For a full list of supported crypto currencies, refer to the supported currencies page.

You’ll need to build out a UI that enables your buyer to select from the supported currencies, and then update the existing order upon any changes.

Code example(s) coming soon!

Credit Card Payments

The option of accepting credit card payments via headless checkout is also available. For detailed examples of creating and updating orders, refer to the Order Lifecycle docs.

Test Price Limits and Test Credit Cards

When building your applications using the staging environment, you can use various test credit cards numbers to see the entire process end-to-end, without actually having to transact using a real credit card. Check out the Testing Tips page for more info on price limits and test card numbers.

Accepting Credit Cards in Other Platforms

Part of what makes headless checkout so powerful is that it opens the possibility of accepting credit card payments with Crossmint outside of a browser environment by integrating the relevant Stripe Payment Element SDK. Using the stripePublishableKey returned in the payment.preparation response is the first step towards adding Crossmint checkout support in native mobile apps and more.