Additional Guides

Are you looking for some extra features? We've got you covered! Check out the extra topics covered in this section below.


Need to be updated automatically when your customers make a purchase via your button? Would you like to be notified when a buyer transfers the NFT out of their Crossmint wallet so you can update something in your off-chain backend system? Configure webhooks in the console if so!

Crossmint Webhooks


We can also support your project before the contract is even deployed! This tool allows you to collect payments in advance of the mint opening.

Prepay Tool


Do you intend to have an exclusive phase of your mint where only preregistered users can participate? Check out these guides to learn how to integrate your Crossmint collection with allowlist support.

Solana Accesslist
EVM Accesslist (ethereum/polygon)

USDC Support

Does your project need the stability of a token like USDC to keep consistent pricing for your buyers? We support USDC on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon!

USDC Support