Solana Accesslists

Gate who gets to mint your NFTs

Candy Machine Accesslist Using SPL Tokens

Accesslist spots in Solana are granted via SPL tokens airdropped into user's wallets.

If you want to enable users to purchase NFTs using Crossmint using an accesslist, you must collect the log-in IDs they want to use to mint (email, wallet addresses of Phantom or Metamask wallets), and send them to us at least 24 hours before the mint. We will create Crossmint wallets attached to those emails and send you the wallet addresses for you to airdrop SPL tokens into them.

To kickstart the process, please get in touch with a tech support engineer in our discord.

You will then need to provide the following:

  1. The clientId for your collection
  2. A list of your customer's addresses (Email, Phantom, or MetaMask)

Once an engineer picks up your support ticket we will do the following:

  1. Generate custodial wallets for each account in the list you provided
  2. Share that list of wallets with you so that you can airdrop the necessary SPL token in advance of the mint

Contact Support or join our discord if you have any questions!