The checkout flow will ask users where they want the NFTs to be delivered. If they don’t have a wallet, Crossmint will create one on-the-fly, accessible from or from your website, if you use embedded wallets.

However, if you already know the wallet address of the user, you can pass it to the checkout component.

Specifying the recipient would force delivery to that address. Users will not be able to modify it on the checkout.

Specifying the Recipient of the NFT

The implementation differs slightly between the Pay Button and the Embedded Checkout.

Add a mintTo property to the checkout component:

  // other properties removed for brevity

High-risk Transactions

Crossmint offers the highest card approval rate in the industry. One of the levers used to achieve that is the following:

For a small share of high-risk transactions (5-10%), Crossmint will approve the transaction but deposit the NFT in temporary custody until the buyer completes a quick, and almost always automatic, verification process. This helps optimize conversion while adding an extra step only to the riskiest transactions that would otherwise be blocked.

In some cases, you may want to skip this feature. For example, if your smart contract has restrictions placed on asset transfers.

Disabling this functionality may impact conversion up to 10%, as high-risk transactions will be automatically rejected. If you still want to do it, contact us (premium subscription required).