Limits in Staging

In order to preserve testnet ETH/tokens, Crossmint imposes restrictions on the maximum price per purchase in the staging environment. The default limit on production is $1500 per transaction.

To avoid issues, set the totalPrice and the on-chain NFT price to no more than:

  • Ethereum (Sepolia): 0.000005 ETH (this applies for other EVM chains as well)
  • Polygon (Amoy): 0.005 MATIC
  • Solana (Devnet): 0.001 SOL
  • USDC (all chains): $10
  • Other chains: the equivalent of $0.10 in the native token

The minimum credit card charge amount is $0.50. Even though the price of the NFT at the above rates will often be less the $0.01, the checkout will still show $0.50. This will be less of an issue on production when you’re charging full price.

Test Credit Card Numbers

When testing the NFT checkout and credit card payments on staging you’ll need to use test card numbers. You can use these cards to test the flow end-to-end without actually processing real payments.

You can use the following test credit card numbers:

  • 4242424242424242 (Visa)
  • 4000056655665556 (Visa Debit)
  • 5555555555554444 (Mastercard)
  • 5200828282828210 (Mastercard Debit)

For CVV or CVC, use any 3 digit number

For Expiry Date or MM/YY, enter any future date

Advanced Testing

If you want to simulate purchases from different countries, decline conditions, or other brands refer to the Stripe documentation for more test card numbers.